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A new media writing project

Recently featured on NPR, published in McSweeney's, and profiled in the Yale Herald cover story Loving the Aliebn!

@jonnysun (jomny sun) is a personal short-form writing project on Twitter (and recently Instagram). I write down floating jokes and ideas here through a loose character narrative. Almost 150,000 people seem to like it so far.

Sun’s alter ego mostly writes tweets that are haphazard and misspelled — but still manage to say something. Sometimes his jokes are just silly; others are downright profound. Many are both.
— NPR, Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon


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Twitter: The Comic, illustrated by Mike Rosenthal. "contradiction club"

Twitter: The Comic, illustrated by Mike Rosenthal. "contradiction club"

Twitter: The Comic, by Mike Rosenthal. "hambrey pabre" (illustrated by Completely Serious Comics)

Twitter: The Comic, by Mike Rosenthal. "hambrey pabre" (illustrated by Completely Serious Comics)