Dead End: a play in one act

Playwright: Jonathan Sun

** Premiered in February 2010 at the Hart House Theatre in Toronto, as part of the University of Toronto Drama Festival, adjudicated by Jeremy Hutton. At the festival, it won a range of awards including the President’s Award for Best Production, Audience Choice Award, Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting, Outstanding Ensemble Cast, and Excellence in Technical Achievement.

Original cast: Nick Duranleau and Michael Marcucci, featuring Jake Howell and Aidan Morishita-Miki
Original directors: Sarah Siddiqui and Jake Howell
Supported by: The Victoria College Drama Society

**Staged in October 2016 at Factory Theatre in Toronto by Theatre Lab.

2016 cast: Christian Smith, Chris Wilson, and Ceridwen Kingstone
2016 director: Michael Orlando
2016 full information online at the Factory Theatre website and at the Theatre Lab website.

Following the same darkly comedic tradition of playwrights Martin McDonagh and David Ives, Dead End portrays the relationship between two survivors of a zombie apocalypse as they near their inevitable death. The two survivors become trapped at the dead end of a narrow hallway, with a single zombie blocking the exit. As the zombie slowly nears them, they contemplate survival, life, and their relationship with each other. Suspenseful, philosophical, and darkly comedic, Dead End is a unique and entertaining theatre experience.


Available upon request.