Dead End: a play in one act

Playwright: Jonathan Sun

** Premiered in February 2010 at the Hart House Theatre in Toronto, as part of the University of Toronto Drama Festival, adjudicated by Jeremy Hutton. At the festival, it won a range of awards including the President’s Award for Best Production, Audience Choice Award, Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting, Outstanding Ensemble Cast, and Excellence in Technical Achievement.

Original cast: Nick Duranleau and  Michael Marcucci, featuring Jake Howell and Aidan Morishita-Miki
Original directors: Sarah Siddiqui and Jake Howell
Supported by: The Victoria College Drama Society

Following the same darkly comedic tradition of playwrights Martin McDonagh and David Ives, Dead End portrays the relationship between two survivors of a zombie apocalypse as they near their inevitable death. The two survivors become trapped at the dead end of a narrow hallway, with a single zombie blocking the exit. As the zombie slowly nears them, they contemplate survival, life, and their relationship with each other. Suspenseful, philosophical, and darkly comedic, Dead End is a unique and entertaining theatre experience.


Available upon request.